How to Grow Peanuts From Seed to Harvest in Your Backyard

How to Grow Peanuts From Seed to Harvest in Your Backyard

Where Should I Plant Peanuts?


(Detailed ingredients of peanuts)

Peanut is a plant very familiar to our life. With well-developed roots, they require standard soil height (if you grow them in containers) to get the best yield. Use soil that is loose and has a high pH because it is very suitable for peanuts to grow. You can choose specialized products to grow peanuts at home if your garden area is limited.


How to Plant Peanuts

Growing peanuts is simple and does not require too much growing expertise. You can start with peanuts right in your refrigerator. Peanuts seeds can be sold in nurseries and online stores, or you can even find them in local stores. Make sure it's raw, of course, because boiled seeds won't germinate.

Step 1: Preparing material

preparing seeds

To prepare seeds, you can directly use the raw peanuts used by the family every day (but the germination rate is not high).

and a sufficient amount of soil and containers for the peanuts to grow. For those who grow directly in pots, choose pots that are larger than 10 inches in height.


Step 2: Soak and Cover the Seeds

soak the seeds

After you have separated the seeds from the shell, all you need to do is soak them in warm water (about 50°C) for 5 hours. Then take out a tray and cover it with paper towels sprayed with water. Pay attention to spraying moisturizing water 1 or 2 times a day until the seeds germinate.



Step 3: Let’s Plant


When the seeds have sprouted, proceed to sow the seeds in pots (we recommend using pots for planting peanuts as it will make harvesting easier).


Step 4: Caring and Harvesting


They take a few weeks to sprout and take about 3-4 months to develop. The time to be ready to harvest is when the leaves turn yellow and the plant slowly withers away. At this time, they spend most of their nutrients on peanuts. So think carefully before harvesting.


Harvest by pulling plants directly out of the ground, however, this can result in loss of groundnut yields as they can be broken and buried deep in the ground. The best way is to plant in pots, when you harvest you just need to pour out the potted plants.


How to Care for Peanut Plants

Peanut plants will grow best in conditions of high humidity and temperature. Plant them in a sunny spot and water them regularly. It is best to plant in loose soil because good drainage will avoid root rot. We always encourage people to limit the use of fertilizers because if you do not control the appropriate dose, the plant will not be able to absorb it all, leading to excess and affecting health if you directly use it.


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