Garlic Bulbs So Small? Understanding the Factors Affect Garlic Growth

Garlic Bulbs So Small? Understanding the Factors Affect Garlic Growth

It's common to have garlic bulbs of varying sizes, with some small and some huge, but consistently small garlic is usually a symptom of a problem, such as insufficient hydration or low seed quality. Follow us to discover the source of your problem.

Can I plant small garlic cloves?

Yes, little garlic cloves can be planted, but they will generally produce smaller bulbs than larger cloves. Because small cloves have less energy stored within them to fuel growth, they may not grow as large as larger cloves. 

What causes small garlic bulbs?

Small garlic bulbs can be caused by a variety of circumstances, such as poor soil quality, insufficient hydration, planting at the incorrect time, or using low-quality seed garlic.

Why is your garlic so small?

Plant at the right time

The timing of garlic planting is critical for a great crop. Garlic needs a period of cool temperatures before winter to create roots and begin growing, and then it continues growth in the spring. The optimum time to grow garlic in most areas is in the fall, usually around October or November. Planting garlic too early in the fall can result in premature sprouting, while planting too late may not give the garlic enough time to form roots before winter.

Insufficient water supply

Proper watering is required to keep the garlic from drying out. It's a tough plant that can withstand droughts, but it sacrifices enormous bulb growth. Maintaining adequate levels of mulch to preserve moisture in the soil is a sensible step if you live in a very arid region.

Poor quality seeds

Growing healthy, vigorous garlic bulbs requires the use of high-quality garlic seeds. You may secure the best possible harvest by purchasing from a trustworthy provider, selecting large, healthy bulbs, avoiding grocery store garlic, planting only the largest cloves, rotating your garlic crop, and testing for infections.

Harvesting garlic at the wrong time

Start by watching until the bottom three or four leaves of the garlic plant turn brown. This indicates that the plant has begun to die back. The upper leaves should still be green and healthy-looking.

You can also evaluate it by proportion: when a third to half of the bottom leaves have turned brown or yellow, it's usually time to harvest.

Can a lack of sunlight cause small garlic bulbs?

Yes, a lack of sunlight can cause small garlic bulbs because garlic needs full sun to grow properly. Make sure to plant your garlic in a spot that receives at least 6-8 hours of direct sunlight each day.

Final Thought

Small garlic bulbs might be disheartening, but various factors can influence their size and quality. You may increase the size and flavor of your garlic bulbs by planting them in well-drained soil, supplying appropriate nutrients, harvesting at the right time, and storing them properly. You may enjoy wonderful, full-sized garlic bulbs in your cooking with these techniques.

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